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Permanent Holiday + Accent Lighting

Permanent Holiday & Year Round Programmable Lighting!


Eliminating The Hassle And Worry Out Of Hanging Holiday Lights

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Never Hang Holiday Lights Again!

One time installation, never hang lights again! 

Our Trimlight product is your premier, permanent holiday lighting and accent lighting system for your home.  Greenville Trimlight provides year-round holiday and accent lighting with a programmable app that allows you to schedule all the holidays while giving you the ability to choose from millions of colors to match the look of your home.  Enjoy endless color combinations and patterns including a pin spotting feature that truly accents your home.

By color-matching our patented aluminum channel system to your home’s fascia board, it is virtually invisible during the day usually allowing for HOA approval.  Greenville Trimlight offers the longest limited-lifetime warranty on the product, equivalent to a 50,000-hour lifespan and the BEST installation warranty EVER! You can rest assured your system is covered through the entirety of your time in the home.  We use the highest-grade water-resistant LED’s on the market which use just .6 watts of energy per bulb at full brightness.  You can run your Trimlight system for nearly 8 hours every night and will not see a change in your electric bill.

Christmas House Lighting
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What is Accent Lighting?

With Trimlight’s cutting edge app, creating accent lighting is a simple as tapping a couple buttons on a smartphone to pick any color and spacing options needed for elegant, ambient accent lights all year long. Customers can program and customize their accent lighting to meet any unique need based on the style of home or business. With the Trimlight system, every bulb is individually addressable, so the options are truly endless.


Our Lights Are Bright + Brilliant At Night And Almost Invisible During The Day

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You Control How You Want Your Home Or Business To Look

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Hardly Noticeable During The Day

Patented channel design blends into roof line
Multiple colors to match any building. Hides wires completely from view
Secures lights securely in place. Adds architectural beauty to any roof.

Music Capability

Whether it be using the mic on the phone, having it plugged in directly, or playing off your phone, The new Trimlight app will play along with your music!


User friendly app, cutting edge technology. Program millions of colors, patterns & animations. Customize patterns for any holiday or event. 180 pre-set programs for ease of use. Built-in calendar & timer functions.

Cloud Based

With cloud based technology you can now connect to your system when you are away from home.

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